F@B Virtual Professionals

Do you feel like you're married to the business?

Does the daily firefighting feel endless and agonizing? Does working on the backend makes you feel lost and dizzy?

We know how passionate you are when it comes to growing your business, but you want to take more control of your time, focus on what really matters and lead a legacy without risking your health and your family, but you don't know where to start.

You need a skilled Virtual Professional

but you don't have the bandwidth and the framework to properly hire and train and successfully integrate them.

F@B not only hires and trains the Virtual Professional for you, we also help you onboard the Virtual Professional into your business.

The Mission of a F@B Partnership

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Task Mapping

You and your Virtual Professional will be able to identify the next steps in achieving your goals and plans for the immediate future.

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Effective Communication

You and your Virtual Professional will be able to understand each other’s communication styles and efficiently manage your priorities.

icon for building systems in the business

Effortless Systems

You and your Virtual Professional will be able to identify systems that work for your needs and goals, and document them, to completely take them off your plate.

Benefits of Being a F@B Partner

Happy business owner working from home

Services We Provide

Full-time Assistance:

hire an Executive Admin Virtual Professional
Executive Admin
Virtual Professional
hire a Marketing Executive Virtual Assistant
Marketing Executive
Virtual Professional
hire a Finance Executive Virtual Assistant
Finance Executive
Virtual Professional

Licensed Architect
Virtual Professional


Civil Engineer
Virtual Professional


Project Engineer
Virtual Professional

Project-based Assistance:

hire us to create and maintain your website
hire us to create your landing page
Landing page
hire us to set up your active campaign
Active Campaign

What Our Partners Say About Us

How the F@B Program Works

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Schedule a discovery call with us

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Identify tasks and roles which can be taken off your plate

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Hire a Virtual Professional from F@B

icon for integrating with F@B Virtual Professionals


Word hand-in-hand with your Virtual Professional

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Run a self-managing company with confidence

family enjoying quality time away from menial office tasks

Take more control of your time.
Reserve your energy for more important commitments.

Utilize your resources better.

Work with a F@B Virtual Professional.