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Unlocking the maximum value of your Virtual Professional

Why Are You Here?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, a Virtual Professional might be the answer. 

What's A Virtual Professional?

A Virtual Professional (VP) is someone who has been working as a Virtual Assistant for some time, and are skilled in their respective fields (like general admin, marketing or finance). A VP provides remote assistance in various tasks, depending on your business needs.

What's holding you back from hiring a Virtual Professional?

You don’t know where to start.

You don’t think you have enough work to keep them busy.

You’ve never worked with someone remotely and have trouble trusting someone you don’t “see”.

You’re afraid of change, mistakes, and others having access to private information.

You don’t have time to train or handhold.

You think you need to build the systems first before hiring someone.

Why I Hired My Own Virtual Professional

It was February 6, 2020, 10:04 AM – I remember the time exactly. My tongue went numb, my vision became blurry. My fingers began tingling, and I felt faint. I was sure I must be having a stroke.

I quickly got to the doctor, and after many tests, the diagnosis was hypertension. The doctor told me, “Erik, you’ve got too many things on your plate, you’re trying to do too much for too many people. You have to figure out a way to lessen your workload or this could kill you.”

Of course I had a lot on my plate. I was running two construction companies that I had co-founded. I was meeting with investors and raising capital for a new real estate syndication project I was partnered in. Life was getting more busy, not less.

I also had a wife and two children at home, and more than anything I wanted to see the kids grow up, and I had to provide for them. I needed help!

This led me to hiring a virtual professional to help me get stuff done. My VP was just getting up to speed in my business when COVID hit, and all three of my businesses were forced to shift to remote work. We had to migrate everything to the cloud, which required new software and a file structure that my VP figured out and put in place. Seeing this initiative, I wanted my VP to start taking over some other tasks that I had always done myself. Together, we figured out how I could efficiently train her to replace me, and off we went!

Fast forward 18 months, the systems we had to create turned out to be exactly what those companies needed all along. All three businesses became stronger than ever! We now had a team of VPs, and documented processes that allowed us to not be dependent on any one person.

I had more freedom, more time, a more balanced life, and business was better, way better, than when I was stressing myself to do it all. I realized then that I was on to something!

I knew lots of other overworked business owners, every one of whom believed that they were the only person who could do what they did. I placed VPs with a few of them, and guess what? The same systems and processes that had allowed me to maximize my VP also worked for them! It turns out everybody CAN benefit from a virtual professional, if they have the proper tools, good systems, effective communication, and the right mindset. This was the genesis of my fourth company, F@B Virtual Professionals.
F@B provides top notch Virtual Professionals and support that maximizes the VPs’ impact with our clients. But more than that, F@B helps business owners get more done in less time, so they can experience more Freedom and Balance in their lives.

Here are 101 Ways A Virtual Professional Can Help You

Calendar Management

Administrative Tasks

Customer Management

Sales Support

Project Management

Website Design and Development

Customer Relationship Management

Email Marketing

Content Creation


Video Marketing

Graphic Design

Social Media Management

Building Systems

Finance Services

101 Work hand-in-hand with you to create freedom and balance in your life!

What's possible with a Virtual Professional?

With a Virtual Professional, it is possible to:


you are one call away from freedom and balance!