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Established in 2020

Virtual Assistants (VAs) were already in existence before the pandemic but it has grown and turned more demanding in the past couple of years. The need for Virtual Assistants has become so great that people left their corporate desks to work from home for direct client. As the need grows, so does the supply. However, the quality of Virtual Assistants was a challenge. In order to resolve this, our team came up with a plan to hone and mentor right-minded Virtual Assistants with expertise and skills. Our own Virtual Assistants are focused on creating Freedom and Balance for themselves, for the company, and for their respective clients. Thus, Freedom and Balance Virtual Professionals or F@B VP was born.
Freedom and Balance Virtual Professionals (F@B VP) is the home of eloquent, competent, and diligent virtual assistants. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the perfect virtual assistant who can sow the seeds of discipline, commitment to learning, passion, integrity, mutual respect, and leadership while upholding employee and employer happiness.
At F@B, we hire for attitude and train for aptitude. We believe that we should be able to keep up with the technological roles played by artificial and mechanical intelligence without losing core values in the course of our service because we desire genuine happiness and satisfaction for our clients.

We are currently accepting experienced VAs as Full-Time Members.


We aim to inspire and be the medium for positive business transformations. Our goal is to provide work-life balance for both our business partners and our F@B VP team members.


We envision a network of contractors, business owners, and entrepreneurs spending more time with their family while continuing to build their legacy by partnering with a F@B Virtual Professional.

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What are the benefits of being a F@B Virtual Professional?


Also we give pay increase based on performance


After three months working with us


After three months working with us

Home Development Mutual Fund Incentive

After three months working with us


After one year working with us


After three months working with us


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Founder of F@B VP

THE HISTORY | F@B VP is one of the brainchildren of Erik Jackson after meeting a series of demands in his business. Erik is also a founding father to Jackson Design Build and Sound Seismic since 1999. These companies have become outstanding in the construction and retrofitting industry. Furthermore, Erik recently founded Kind Equity Partners with the hopes of helping his fellow contractors and investors in building a sustainable lifestyle and achieving life goals through real estate investments.

Whilst staying on top of the line in the industry and building another company amid the pandemic, Erik started to realize that the weight of the workload won’t simply fit into his calendar. He soon realized that the 24 hours per day won’t suffice for work, life and rest. Moreover, Erik wants to set foot in another business without costing him a limb. Due to these facts, he came to a resolution of hiring his first virtual professional in March 2020.

Now, he is using his experience in working with a number of virtual professionals to extend help to his fellow business owners regarding scalability and profitability.

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Our Virtual Professionals are located all over the Philippines

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