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Executive Admin Virtual Professional

Be part of an amazing team! Looking for Full Time Executive Assistant WITH Perfect English


Hi there! We are hiring an Executive Virtual Assistant to help us work on admin tasks and create systems and processes for the business.


If you are interested in this position and believe that you have the qualities we are looking for, follow these steps:
1. Complete this form
2. Send an email to Indicate on the subject line: Job Opportunity: EA Application has been Submitted.

Note: Applicants who have submitted their application before CAN STILL REAPPLY. (we allow up to 2 instances of re-application) Just follow the steps on how to apply.


For this position, you must possess the following qualities:

About the position:


Pay is processed twice monthly. Paid Time Off is discussed after 6 months. You are also OFF on Company Holidays (not US Holidays). We give pay increase based on performance.

Work Schedule: 5 days a week (40hours), fixed 2days off.

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it this far! I look forward to learning more about you! We are looking for someone we can work with for YEARS, not weeks!