F@B Virtual Professionals

F@B VP Partner Guidelines & Guarantee

Congratulations! You have made the right decision to move forward with getting yourself a F@B Virtual Professional (F@B VP).

Our stated goal is to make your partnership with a F@B VP a raging success.

We have a 90-day guarantee for the Virtual Professionals we place and assign to F@B Partners. If you follow the guidelines, you should be set up for success!

Here are the guidelines and conditions:

  • 2-Weeks VP Training

We screen for premium and passionate talents. To make sure that the VP will match your business need, our talents undergo a paid 2-week intensive VP training before they are endorsed to our client or F@B Partner.

  • Meet and Greet

Both the business owner and the person who the Virtual Professional will be reporting and communicating to on a regular basis are encouraged to attend the 30-minute VP Meet and Greet zoom video call.

  • Onboarding

Just like any other new-hire in the company, you need to provide the VP with training/orientation about your business and your company, introduce him/her to your existing team, dedicate 30mins to an hour of your time daily, especially on the first month. We will assist you during the onboarding process. To have the best results, treat them like any other new hire in the company. We will replace the VP within 90 days if established that he/she is not the best fit for you.

  • Needs Assessment

We will assist you in bridging the gap between your current business state and where you want to be, with your VP’s help.

  • Systems Analysis

Following our F@B Blueprint, we will help identify a better system or streamline your current systems and processes with the help of your VP. If you want to improve, set up systems. If you failed to improve, you may need to change the current system.

  • VP Integration Tuesday Meeting

This is an avenue for you and all our other F@B Partners to express the challenges that may be preventing you from effectively maximizing your VP.

  • Feedback

We will be constantly reaching out asking questions to help assess and improve your VP’s performance. Please be honest when sharing your feedback and take the time to respond when we reach out. It should not take more than 30 minutes of your time. It is important that we hear from you so we can help and uphold our promise and guarantee.

  • End of Day (EOD) Reports

Our VPs are trained to send an End-of-Day report daily. Read them and provide feedback. We recommend providing them with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that they can track daily. Not reviewing the EOD, especially in the first couple of months of the VP, can be a fatal mistake.

  • VP Performance Appraisal

The F@B VPs have their performance evaluated on their 3rd and 6th month as well as on every work anniversary from their “hire date” or date when they signed the contract with us. The appraisal process is interactive and will be done via a 30-minute zoom meeting where you and your VP will be discussing goals and action steps for a development plan, with the goal of effectively integrating your VP into your business.

  • Change in Manager, Duties or Schedule

If there is a change in the VP’s direct superior or person managing the VP in your business, a change in duties and schedule, we need to know about it. This is to help prevent conflict. Changing the VP’s schedule or responsibilities can lead to dissatisfaction so we need to be aware about any changes as soon as possible.

  • Absenteeism, Late Log-In, and Technology issues

All our Virtual Professionals are required to notify us of any attendance concerns. If the VP is going to be late for work, not going to report for the day, or is having a technology issue, we will inform you right away. We will make sure that the VP follows the protocol so we can help where we can.

All the F@B VPs use a time-tracking software that also captures a screenshot of their computer activities every 10minutes. We review this every pay period and call out their attention for any unauthorized or unrelated activities.

  • Alert us when there is a problem involving your VP:

We encourage you to communicate with us as soon as there are issues involving your VP so we can help clear them up quickly. Do not wait until you or your team are already frustrated or the issue is already out of hand.

We want you to enjoy your experience working with a Virtual Professional and celebrate small wins! Providing you this guideline is one of our ways in helping you celebrate success.

All the best,
Freedom and Balance Virtual Professionals (F@B VP) team