F@B Virtual Professionals


Currently, we only accept applicants who have prior VA experience.

Not younger than 19 years old, considering that we require experience. There is no set limit to the maximum age, as long as you are able to perform the VA tasks without any issues.

Yes, as long as they have relevant VA experience.

No, we decline applicants who have other clients since we only hire full-time members.

As long as you follow the job posting instruction properly, you’ll be fine. Our process is automated and you are immediately disqualified if you don’t follow the instructions.

All applications go through an automated process. Please check your spam or junk folder for any possible email from us that you may have missed.

All applications go through an automated process, including the hired applicants. Please check your spam or junk folder for any possible email from us that you may have missed.

  • Competitive rate
  • Company Holidays
  • Paid Time Off (pro-rated and eligible after 3 months)
  • Tech Incentive (after 3 months)
  • HMO (after 1 year)
  • VP Support System

No, we currently don’t. You may apply for it as self-employed. However, we provide other benefits that most VA companies do not provide like Tech Incentive, Paid Time Off, and HMO.

A VA needs to upskill. The Virtual Professionals on the team are provided this opportunity and are able to collaborate with other members of the team to practice their newly-acquired skills.

Schedules vary depending on your client’s timezone and business hour needs. Most of the members are working from 9 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific time.

All schedules will be based on the working hours preferred by the client. You will be working at least 8hours daily, 5 days a week.

Yes, You will go through the same hiring process as everyone else.

Yes, as long as your work computer is not outdated, has at least 4GB RAM, preferably iCore3 to be able to perform the VA-related tasks.

Yes. We do a lot of zoom calls and we require the attendees to turn on their camera.

Yes, you may, as long as it is not below 35WPM.

Yes, as long as you are in a quiet place and we can hear each other without any distractions.

Any noise-canceling headset that minimizes your background noise since we do a lot of zoom calls.