Secrets For Working Effectively With A Virtual Assistant

Time and energy are two of the biggest resources for every business owner. In a world full of tight timelines and due dates, it is undeniable that some people feel that 24 hours a day is not enough to accomplish whatever it is that’s piling up on our desks. For this very reason, we justify spending more time in our offices than in our homes. By the time we reach home, all that’s left of us is the urge to sleep or the urge to drink more coffee to finish the pending item from the office. How many hours do you find yourself spending more than 8 hours on work? How often do you do that? In this post, we will share the secrets for working effectively with a Virtual Assistant. 

If you are not the type of entrepreneur who is willing to spend more than 8 hours at your office desk or on-site, your resolve is highly admirable. If you still do, you’re just like most people, who have no choice but to tackle all their business affairs even if they no longer have the time, energy, or resources to do so. Here’s why.

You are wearing all your hats at once.

You are used to being a one-man team. When you started venturing, you found happiness in answering phone calls and emails, doing back-and-forth communication among suppliers and clients, spreading the word, and taking stock of your numbers. However, you could barely remember what happened in a certain area of your business at the end of the day, leaving you no choice but to table the documentation process until you could remember it (which never really happens). If only you had more than 24 hours to get everything done and documented. The business grinds to a halt the minute you hit the sack.

You are anxious about getting a helping hand because they might challenge or question the way you see or do things.

We all have tendencies to feel inclined or biased toward our own competence. Sometimes, we think nobody else can do things the way we do them, especially if we’re talking about the processes that really made our startups thrive or succeed. We feel as though we don’t need another perspective when things are going well, but in fact, blind spots in the business cause issues to arise beyond our awareness.

You are doing all the firefighting.

Most of your time is spent dealing with issues raised by clients and suppliers rather than moving the business forward. You’ve lost focus on the major drivers, and you’re constantly swept away by small luggage. Some of these minimal issues have already arisen in the past. However, without documentation, the issue reemerges, and nobody else can handle it except you. You can surely find a way to solve it temporarily—to deal with the effects of the issue but not address the root cause itself.

You are doing everything manually and monotonously.

Nothing is more frustrating than starting out from scratch or restarting each and every process every time another lead or client enters your pipeline. Although there are tasks that should be done manually, manual work still prevents us from initiating innovations in the business. There is always a more efficient and creative way to accomplish tasks.

Elevating your business won’t be exhausting when you have the right person and the right framework to manage your time, energy, and resources. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to hire more than 50 people right now to work on your burdensome workload. All it takes is a Virtual Professional who has the right skill set and also understands what you are running from, where you want your business to go, and what it takes to get you and your business there. Here are the top secrets you need to know to effectively with a Virtual Professional:

1. Delegate.

This includes choosing the right tasks to hand over and identifying the right people to do them. Reduce your direct contribution and be open to letting new changes take place when someone else is already doing it. Keep an eye on things, but don’t micromanage.

2. Automate.

This is about reducing or eliminating the manual effort required to perform simple tasks and identifying the right platform to do it. Unlike before, there are a thousand tools available now that can expedite processes faster than manual labor.

3. Delete.

You have processes that no longer serve their purpose or are just causing delays in your entire system. Think about removing a certain process: what if the product remains unchanged, and what if it makes your systems better, faster, and less chaotic? If removing them simplifies your workflow, it’s no longer worth going through them every day.

4. Own.

As a business owner, there are certain things that only you can and should do, like defining your vision and roadmap, establishing the culture of the company, keeping a pulse on your cash flow, and steering the company clear of politics and financial issues.

With F@B Virtual Professionals, you no longer need to OWN everything and repeatedly get caught up in the hamster wheel. With the right framework, tools, and documentation, saving time, energy, and resources is always within your reach.
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