Series Of Real Testaments From Virtual Professionals On Their Journey From The Corporate To The Virtual World: from Aina

It was tough for our new family of 3 to be in a city where it was challenging to get help. We did not have any rest so my husband had to quit being an online tutor so he could watch over our baby while I was at work in a BPO company. My husband has been working as a virtual assistant longer than I have. He was juggling two jobs, as an online tutor, and as a reservation specialist. It did not take long for him to land these two, he even excelled at being a tutor even if he didn’t have any experience in teaching.

I was pretty confident about finding an online job given the lengthy experience I had in the corporate environment as a frontline agent and as part of the management. When we finally decided to move to the province, I updated my online profiles on job hunting sites — LinkedIn, Online jobs, and probably 5 more other sites which I have already forgotten.

Thankfully, I did not have to look for one though. Our friends who have put up a VA agency tapped both my husband and me. We were hired as VAs by different Australian physiotherapists. For a part-time job, it paid well. I had plenty of time on my hands so I looked for another source of income. I was excited since everything was new to me — video editing, transcribing, etc, and I promised myself to learn more skills.

I landed a customer service support role for a pet company and I made it my goal to advance my career in the company. With my unexpected delicate pregnancy with our second child, I could barely manage to complete an 8-hour shift so I scrapped the idea of getting promoted soon. I also lost my part-time job as my Australian client had to close his clinic due to the pandemic.

Most of the management was new to their roles and having less experience in managing and leading teams left me frustrated. Most of the processes were undocumented and there was no proper delegation of tasks. There was also friction between the US and Philippine teams, and discussing it during meetings, especially with the rank & file around was inappropriate, I thought. Although the company was successful in sales, I found it sad that a company that has been running for more than 3 years did not have the organization I had hoped for. Suggestions for improvements were met with a nod yet no update nor implementation was done. Everybody seemed busy but lacked direction.

I felt stuck in my role and not having much say prompted me to start a job hunt. Not long after I started my search, I received a message that training with the F@B team will start.

On the first day of training — I was blown away by how organized the onboarding process was, considering that the company has only been operating for roughly 6 months. I have been raving about how things are in order and how receptive everyone is to suggestions and insights. They may not get implemented but they are not dismissed.

Week one of training was fruitful and I learned a wealth of knowledge about using the different complex functions of certain tools. The virtual industry is so vast and to keep up with it, one has to continuously study and research, and be up-to-date with tools, apps, and any new technology advancements. There is always something new to learn every day.

It has been a good challenge working from home and it is not something that I would trade with working again in a corporate setting. I get to spend plenty of time with my family and share every meal time with them. Being able to work from home is a blessing, one can still grow professionally and be able to deepen one’s connection with the family at the same time.

It is a bonus if you get to work with an amazing team and an amazing client, which is the case for me!

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