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5 Business Challenges that a Virtual Assistant can Help With


At F@B VP, we understand the challenges of being a small business owner, and that’s why we exist. Having the right support is your #1 asset.

We find, nurture, and develop full-time Virtual Professionals (VPs) for your business. And continue to provide them, and you, with ongoing support. Our VPs are more than just assistants; they are skilled in their respective fields (like general admin, marketing or finance), depending on your needs.


At F@B, we have developed a proven process to get the VP integrated quickly, and continuously help free you up so you can focus on a bigger future. From the moment you became a client to the end of the first 90 days and beyond.


Executive Admin
Virtual Professional

Executive Admin VPs act as the administrative point of contact between you, your team members and your clients. Aside from managing your mailboxes and calendars, most of our Executive Admin VPs take calls, and handle request and queries. If you are looking for someone who can cover company-wide operations, we will hire an Executive Admin VP for you.

hire a Marketing Executive Virtual Assistant
Marketing Executive
Virtual Professional

Marketing Executive VPs develop marketing plans and implement campaigns. Marketing Executive VPs can build funnels and lead magnets, manage your CRM system, create content across different digital media platforms, and prepare and analyze marketing reports to boost your sales. If you are looking for someone who has an extensive and practical knowledge in marketing, we will find a Marketing Executive VP for you.

hire a Finance Executive Virtual Assistant
Finance Executive
Virtual Professional

Finance Executive VPs assist in maintaining and updating cash flow reports, budgets, and updating Quickbooks. Their primary duty is similar to bookkeeping. Finance Executive VPs collaborate with all members of the team, especially to make sure that all data is correct. If you need help managing your company’s financial aspect, a Finance Executive Admin is the right fit for you.


Licensed Architect
Virtual Professional

hire us to create and maintain your website

Whether you’re planning to build your website or you have a website that’s up and running, we have team members who are always ready to jump in to create a wireframe, write content, run test routines and perform website updates to build or maintain your website.

hire us to create your landing page
Landing page

Whether your planning to create a single or multiple opt-in pages to convert from a specific event or campaign, we have team members who can design the funnel for you. They can also create the forms and emails necessary to complete the funnel.

hire us to set up your active campaign
Active Campaign

If you’re planning to use Active Campaign to nurture your leads and convert them, we have a team member who can set up your sales automation, segment your contact lists and integrate the forms you have already created.

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