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There's A Virtual Professional For Your Business Needs!

At F@B VP, we understand the challenges of being a small business owner, and that’s why we exist. Having the right support is your #1 asset.

We find, nurture, and develop full-time Virtual Professionals (VPs) for your business. And continue to provide them, and you, with ongoing support. Our VPs are more than just assistants; they are skilled in their respective fields (like general admin, marketing or finance), depending on your needs.

How It Works

The F@B Solution

At F@B, we have developed a proven process to get the VP integrated quickly, and continuously help free you up so you can focus on a bigger future. From the moment you become a client to the end of the first 90 days and beyond.


Needs Assessment

Understanding your business goals and needs is our first priority. Only then can we match the right Virtual Professional (VP), who will help you and your business per results.


Vetting, Hiring, and Training

Based on your needs, we filter the VPs by function, skillset, and character. Once one is selected, we train them so you don't have to (as much).


Getting You Ready

Yes you. While your VP is going through training, you will also be guided on ways to best utilize your VP, and getting things off your plate so you can have more freed up time.


Onboarding Your VP

We want your VP up to speed as fast as possible. Getting into the rhythm of regular check-ins is instrumental to early success.


F@b'ing Your Processes

Outside of initial responsibilities, VPs document what you do and how you do it. Creating consistency with your systems creates better efficiency so you can scale.


90-day Check-in

The first 90-day check-in allows you the opportunity to review where you're at and where you're headed, and a plan to execute. You can then "Rinse and Repeat" this with your VP every 90 days.

Where Can Our Virtual Professionals Help?

Executive Admin Virtual Professional

Executive Admin VPs act as the administrative point of contact between you, your team members and your clients.

Marketing Executive Virtual Professional

Marketing Executive VPs develop marketing plans and implement campaigns.

Finance Executive Virtual Professional

Finance Executive VPs assist in maintaining and updating cash flow reports, budgets, and updating Quickbooks.

Active Campaign Setup

If you’re planning to use Active Campaign to nurture your leads and convert them.

Licensed Architect Virtual Professional

Architect Executive VPs assist with reviewing and making minimal edits to Architectural drawings.

Landing page Creation

Whether your planning to create a single or multiple opt-in pages to convert from a specific event or campaign.

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