What Sets F@B Virtual Professionals Apart From Others?

Hiring virtual team members is no longer news in the business community. The Philippines has already been home to more than 800 BPO companies since 1992. Even renowned international companies, like JP Morgan Chase or Expedia, are outsourcing their customer service operations to professional virtual staff in the Philippines. 

Smaller business communities and entrepreneurs are also hiring remote workers from different VA platforms online. Virtual assistants can be significant assets to streamline your business operations, but integrating them into your business can be extremely challenging and time-sucking. 

According to LinkedIn Business, a large percentage (90%) of small business owners confirmed being directly involved in or entirely responsible for searching, screening, and interviewing candidates. This procedure typically lasts one to two months, but it can extend to four to six months in a highly competitive labor market. It usually takes 7 hours per week just for interviewing; 12 hours per week for searching and connecting with applicants; 6 hours per week screening them; and about 5 hours doing research and improving the system. There is also an additional 4 hours per week spent complying with labor laws and 1.6 hours spent administering paperwork for the benefits. A recent study of Intuit Quickbooks also found that it takes 5 hours to calculate and file payroll taxes and allocate funding for each pay period. Here’s the catch: these numbers are only for one employee! When we add them all up, it requires 40 hours of your time just to acquire one talent! 

This could also be the case when hiring a virtual assistant from a freelancing platform. These are the four most common time-consuming human resources activities that you need to go through when looking for your very own virtual assistant: 

  • Vetting and hiring. Vetting and hiring is a multi-step screening process. The process requires you to define and consider the responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and experiences needed to fill the role. After identifying those requirements, you need to write, post, and advertise the vacancy on job boards, the company website, or social media. Don’t forget the tasks of sorting through resumes and cover letters, conducting interviews, doing reference and background checks, and the back-and-forth of negotiating the offer. 
  • Onboarding and orientation. The process doesn’t stop after hiring the virtual assistant. You need to introduce them to the goals, values, and culture of the company. You also need to set up their accounts and give them access to and training for the software that you use. Lastly, you need to get them to understand what is expected of them in their roles. 
  • Training. Now that they are in, how can you make them do things your way? Before training can begin, you need to develop training materials, such as handouts and presentations. You also need to devote a significant amount of time to instruction, demonstration, and feedback. 
  • Systems, program, and framework. The process of integrating a virtual assistant can be very daunting for business owners like us, especially if we have no consistent system in place to ensure that every candidate is evaluated in a similar, structured manner. A structured process for human resources serves as a guarantee that the right candidate is selected for the job based on the necessary skills and qualifications and that high-quality employees are being attracted and retained. 

At F@B, we have a team of credible virtual professionals who make sure that we are acquiring and retaining the top talents who will grow with you as your business grows. We also have an established framework on how to properly delegate through priorities, communication, and systems, that we teach with our F@B partners and their Virtual Professionals, to support both parties while they are slowly building systems to level up the business. 

We have more to offer in our F@B VP Program compared to other common VA platforms. Below is a chart that we have created after a thorough study. 

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