The Dangers Of Babysitting Your Business

Being a businessman is like being a parent. Metaphorically, it means waking up early to feed the baby, setting up the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, answering sweet talks,  dealing with tantrums, bathing and dressing them multiple times, cleaning their mess, comprehending their baby talk, lulling them to bedtime, skipping sleep to do the laundry and the dishes and doing the same tasks all over again the following days. It doesn’t matter if your child is an infant, a toddler, a preschooler, a teenager, or an adult. The process is never-ending and extremely exhausting. For a parent, seeing the children grow from cooing infants into successful adults is a huge fulfillment, but children do not grow overnight, and neither do businesses. Days stretch into years, and parents realize that with overindulgence, their children did not grow into who they wanted them to be. 

If you agree that owning a business automatically means constant babysitting, I would be more than willing to disrupt that mindset for you. We’re not going to take child psychology classes, nor study any conditioning theories. Here, we will tackle the dangers of constantly babysitting your business. 

  1. The business becomes dependent on you.

Just like a wise parent, the business owner should build systems to help the business do more while it grows. With constant babysitting, the business will never learn to clear its issues, feed alone, communicate, and maneuver on its own. 

  1. The business starts to exhaust all its resources. 

It will consume your time, energy, and capital. Since the business cannot communicate its key metrics, it will fail to provide accurate data to make informed decisions. If this is the case, it will force you to spend time in pointless systems repeatedly.

  1. The business collapses the moment it loses your attention.

It’s hard to offload tasks that you want to be produced with quality. Imagine that only you worked on all the main functions of your business. What if you have an important family event, and you need to deliver a presentation to your client? What if you are “abducted by aliens”? Your business will crash if you go on a vacation.

  1. The business stops rewarding good practices and encourages bad ones.

Excessive micro-managing also reduces the employee’s self-belief and confidence. No one wants to work with someone who treats them as competition for their ideas. No one wants to be corrected all the time. No one wants to work with someone who keeps comparing the output to their workmate. The goal is to produce work in similar and unified directions, not to drag and push the components of your business in conflicting directions.

  1. The business fails to recognize your time-out.

You shouldn’t be working for the entire 24 hours. There will be more important commitments and opportunities outside work. Rest is mandatory. Family time can’t be a No-No. A demanding business will not give you a time-out unless you do something about it.

Every business owner should learn how to make their businesses owner-independent. By hiring a Virtual Professional, you are not only cutting down your workload but your work anxieties, stressors, and responsibilities as well.