top 5 reasons why you should hire a F@B virtual professional

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A F@B Virtual Professional

top 5 reasons why you should hire a F@B virtual professional

When you think about hiring someone from another side of the world, there’s usually a series of fears that engulf that thought: How am I going to work with someone I have not met in person? Is this person trustworthy enough? Am I dealing with a fraudster or a legitimate virtual assistant? Is hiring this person worth it?

If you’ve been operating online for a while, you’ve probably noticed a lot of suspicious activity. These suspicious things don’t just happen in banking and financial services; they can also happen when you hire freelance help.

Anyone can always find a freelancer online, but there is no guarantee that they will deliver what was promised to you within the agreed timeline. Others tend to just deliver their first drafts, receive payments from their clients, and vanish into thin air. Additionally, it’s no longer news that there are other virtual workers who use company resources and sell data for their own selfish interests.

The entire community of virtual assistants has been compromised because a few freelancers managed to take advantage of trusting clients. At times, this practice is considered a wise move for freelancers—to only deliver what was paid for—but it actually causes a loss of trust from the client.

On the other hand, it’s also undeniable that Virtual Professionals have their fair share of traumatizing experiences when offering services to the market.

These are the things that are holding clients and Virtual Professionals back from successfully working together, and these are exactly the fears that F@B Virtual Professionals is hoping to address. Even though we can’t completely eradicate these kinds of concerns, we have an agreement and preventive security measures established for the benefit and assurance of the F@B partner and the Virtual Professionals.  

When you discover the benefits of working with a Virtual Professional, they actually outnumber and outweigh the fear of these unwanted mishaps. Still feeling doubtful about working with a Virtual Professional? We’ve listed down our top 5 reasons why you should work with a Filipino Virtual Professional immediately.

  • Filipino Virtual Professionals can identify and address all the gaps, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your business.

Let’s face it. You can be passionate about most of the things that you’re doing, even though you’re bad at them. Alternatively, you have certain strengths that need your attention and time to be nurtured and ultimately to bring you results. As a business owner, there are things that only you can and cannot see. Bringing in a new set of eyes can help you see through the blind spots. After all, unnoticed gaps can be potential threats in the long run. There’s always an opportunity in every weakness. Focus on your strengths and delegate authority to someone else to work on your weak spots.

  • Filipino Virtual Professionals are effective team members!

Aside from being able to multitask and work on the nitty-gritty, Virtual Professionals have thorough attention to detail and always seek potential in things beyond their regular function. Give a Virtual Professional a stone and believe that they can turn it into a castle. Involve them in your strategic planning sessions and watch the magic unfold!

  • Filipino Virtual Professionals always find a way to finish their deliverables.

Whether it’s a simple power outage or a natural disaster, Filipino Virtual Professionals will bounce back from difficult life events and finish their tasks. Most Filipino Virtual Professionals even invest in their own power generators. Some of our team members even travel across towns during ungodly hours just to get access to power and the network in case of unexpected outages. They will work when they say they will, against all odds.

  • Filipino Virtual Professionals are individuals with a strong sense of accountability and integrity.

For many reasons, we don’t always get the expected outcome at the end of the set timeline.

a. It could be that our goals are too broad.
b. We don’t have any clear key performance indicators.
c. The desired outcome is just too impossible to achieve.
d. The desired outcome is just too unrealistic and irrelevant.
e. We are ambiguous about the urgency of our priorities.
f. We don’t cooperate or communicate enough for work items that need collaboration and interdependence.
g. We don’t pay enough attention to the details.
h. Our attention is always divided.
i. Our desired outcome is dependent on a variable that we don’t have full control over.

No matter how planned your month, your quarter, or your year goes, unpredictable things always happen in life. You need someone who will not only celebrate with you when things turn out the way you expected but also be there when things fall apart in your business. You need someone who accepts full ownership of their actions and their consequences.

  • Working with Filipino Virtual Professionals is cost-efficient.

Our cost reduction analysis shows that by working with a Filipino Virtual Professional, business owners save an average of 60% in terms of annual salary compared to working with an onsite employee. We do not claim that onsite employees are totally replaceable by Virtual Professionals, but a 60% reduction in the cost of hiring a Virtual Professional is a significant amount that you can alternatively allocate for other resources in other areas of the business that need a larger budget.

Virtual Professionals invest in their own work equipment, unless, of course, you get into an agreement to provide one for them. For this, F@B Virtual Professionals has a system for team members who need to replace, repair, upgrade, or add accessories to their work equipment.

Working with Virtual Professionals has indeed changed the way business owners operate. The journey to running self-managing businesses is full of avalanches and storms, and you need someone who’s ready to move mountains with you. Are you ready to find that someone? If you do, don’t delay and schedule a discovery call with Erik today.