What Are The Two Fundamental Tasks That I Can Delegate To A Virtual Professional?

You are the captain of your own ship, steering your business in the direction of your goals with constantly changing currents. If you don’t want to crash your ship against an iceberg or tip over in a storm, navigating the ship should be your top priority. The cleaning, maintenance, cooking, and passenger onboarding should be the least of your worries.

“I have a pretty small boat, so I think I can manage to sail with just me doing everything alone.” Let me ask you this question: How long have you been sailing that boat alone? How was the journey? Did you enjoy drifting through the water? Did the destination do justice to the laborious journey? What about the next destination? Are you just blindly sailing the boat?

Depending on where you are right now and where you want to be, your environment and the way you use your resources will change. However, our time doesn’t. There were only 24 hours yesterday, there are only 24 hours today, and there will only be 24 hours tomorrow and in the coming days. Will you be able to operate the ship with ease if you have a lot of tasks and routines taking up your time?

Seeing the business grow from zero makes it easier for us to fall into the pits of superhero syndrome. We succumbed to it, and we did so willingly, even though we knew that we shouldn’t assume every responsibility in the business. The mindset should slowly shift from “all mine” to “not mine”. The expense of a flourishing business should not be the demise of the quality of our lives.

If you are still reluctant to get help, why not start with the fundamental tasks—emails and files? According to a McKinsey analysis, reading, answering, and organizing emails alone take about 28% of the workday, and file organization takes about 30%. Time is not the only cost when emails are not managed and answered, or when documents go missing.

Here are two fundamental tasks or systems that you can delegate to a Virtual Professional and what’s at stake if these systems are poorly managed.

  1. Delegate your email management system.
    Email is the biggest productivity drain in any workplace—a drain that all of us cannot avoid. Our email problem grows as our business does. Everyone on the team should have access to all the information they need about vendors, leads, and clients before making any decisions. Most of this information is captured from the exchange of messages found in the email. A poor email management system could sow confusion and doubt and potentially cause delays in the completion of projects or partnerships. Email violations could also jeopardize your brand’s reputation and even the business in general. Missing emails compromise context and rapport with vendors, leads, and clients.
  2. Delegate your file management system.
    A misplaced invoice could potentially result in costly delays. A document stored in the wrong place could result in a loss of revenue or a lawsuit. A lack of version control can cause a decline in productivity. A lost proof of warranty is a loss of guarantee to file for refunds. Without a backup system, your documents are also vulnerable to calamities. Delegating the handling, storing, and processing of documents can spare you from the hidden costs of a badly managed file management system.

At Freedom and Balance Virtual Professionals, we help you identify the tasks that should be delegated, automated, and delegated. We believe that you should only be working on items that need your focus, while the rest can be assigned to your Virtual Professionals. Remember that with proper delegation, Virtual Professionals can handle more than just file and email management systems.  To get more ideas on the tasks and systems that you can delegate to a Virtual Professional, get access to our free PDF of 101 Things A Virtual Professional Can Do For You And Your Business. You can also check our F@B website for more successful stories of partnerships with Virtual Professionals.