What Do I Need To Know About F@B Virtual Professionals?

Home to intelligent, tech-savvy, and determined Virtual Professionals, F@B Virtual Professionals is more than just a brand. Just like the others, F@B Virtual Professionals had its humble beginnings.


After recovering from a mild stroke in the middle of a business conference in 2019, Erik became profusely confused about whether he should continue running his construction companies. He knew he needed to take a break, or at least get some of his burdens off his shoulders, but he also knew that retirement was completely off the table. He had plans for his kids, Dylan and Danica, and for his wife, Diane. Being a visionary, Erik thought his visions and vigor were unstoppable until his health and the overwhelming speed of technology caught up to him.

When the coronavirus broke out in 2020, Erik and his team knew that they needed to keep up and evolve from their three-ring binders. People no longer felt safe in their office cubicles. With lives at risk from the virus, Erik was one of those who were forced to transfer their workspaces to the confinements of home.

Changing the course of the routines in his business wasn’t elementary at all. Given how bad things were, he became concerned that he would have a stroke for the second time. He knew he had to build something or find someone.

Erik met Sage, his first Filipino Virtual Professional from Cebu City. With such a lengthy experience working in the business process outsourcing industry, Sage was not only able to help Erik transition from three-ring binders to cloud storage for his two construction companies. She also made it possible for Erik to start one more company for real estate, which we now call Kind Equity Partners, and hire more Virtual Professionals for each of his construction companies. When Erik and Sage were building Kind Equity Partners, Erik was clear on who he wanted to help and how he could help them. Primarily, it’s his fellow construction business owners, whom he wanted to help gain more control of their time and acquire financial freedom with real estate partnerships. But a twist of events came when some of his friends from the remodeling industry grew curious about how he was able to build and build at such a fast pace. Erik was excited to share the secret with the world, and with Sage behind his visions, he was able to give them Virtual Professionals of their own in no time. The team was given the name Construction Virtual Professionals (CVP).

However, integrating Virtual Professionals into their businesses is not as simple as some people believed. It was far from plug-and-play. Erik knew he needed a framework—one that he could use to teach the business owners and the Virtual Professionals how to communicate, prioritize, and build. When his team started testing the framework with three beta testers, which we also call “Early Adopters,” it was brought to light that it’s not only the construction folks who are in dire need of Virtual Professionals. His network of real estate investors started asking for skilled, properly vetted, and trained Virtual Professionals. The team was confident that the framework would work just as well with real estate professionals as it did with construction professionals. In fact, the team believes that the framework does not only work for people in a certain industry, they believe that it works for every man and woman aiming to gain more freedom and balance in all aspects of their lives and businesses. With this, Construction Virtual Professionals was reborn as Freedom and Balance Virtual Professionals.

Now operating in Seattle and employing more than 30 Virtual Professionals from the Philippines, F@B Virtual Professionals focuses on changing the trajectory of the lives of the families of Virtual Professionals from the Philippines and business owners and real estate investors from the United States. At F@B, we consider everyone—the clients and the Virtual professionals—our partners, for we believe that we all take part in bringing freedom and balance into our lives.