Why Is It Important To Hire The Right Person?

You are stuck at your desk, unable to attend your daughter’s ballet recital, and you’re fighting the urge to close your eyes on your 4th cup of coffee for the day. You realized that you couldn’t go on like this for the next 10 years of your life. You knew what you signed up for when you started the business, but as you continue to grow, it’s starting to feel as though the business has reduced you to a servant. Then you started looking into certain hiring platforms, thinking you could just find and hire the right person anywhere. While you are going deeper into your hiring process, the chances of meeting the right help are also getting slimmer. At last, you met that one person you thought would help you take back the freedom you’ve lost, only to find out that you hired the wrong person. Why is it important to hire the right person?

  • The wrong person leaves a gap between your desired outcome and the actual output. The effort in their work is barely visible, and errors are all over the place. It looked like they were giving you more homework than when it was just you doing the work.
  • The wrong person delays communicating or even refuses to communicate, about the things they need from you to get the work done, causing more issues that they might also keep from you.
  • The wrong person has habits and attitudes that influence, discourage, or block team members from reaching the shared goal. Oftentimes, they are always missing in action and tend to stall people from making crucial decisions.
  • The wrong person is unwilling to position themselves strategically for the betterment of your team. They are not willing to show up during strategic planning sessions and always love to say no to anything extra on their plate or helping out the other members of their team who need their expertise.
  • The wrong person is constantly complaining and questioning the systems and processes that you have put in place in the business.  They often compare your dynamics to those of their previous employers, and they resist adapting to your processes.
  • The wrong person is struggling to get through the workload in the given timeframe. They couldn’t seem to prioritize the urgent and important things on their task lists.

You know they are not the right fit for you, your goals, and your business, yet you’re trying to prolong the agony of working with them for another week or two because you think that all candidates have their own shortcomings, and you can no longer process the thought of hiring and onboarding another person and going through the same process and conflict again. In return, you’re putting your business at risk of declining productivity, efficiency, and quality of work and compromising your values, your time, your resources, your energy, and the satisfaction of your clients.

The thought of getting another set of hands into your affairs is petrifying, but it’s high time you reach out for HELP in getting HELP. The right person to hire isn’t always within your reach, and hiring and vetting requires a framework that takes ages to build and be tested.

Through the F@B framework, F@B Virtual Professionals will help you hire, vet, train, and onboard your Virtual Professional. After onboarding, we will help you gradually integrate them into your business’s systems and processes. Don’t delay in taking back the freedom you’ve lost and gaining more freedom and balance in your life than you’ve ever had.